IP Public Alarm General Address System

ABRAMAK Alarm and Announce System meets the alarm and announcement requirements of military ships and HQ with its advanced features and manageable structure. The system can be integrated with any PBX and, when necessary, alarms and announcements can be easily announced on all phones on board.

It is a digital system that is fuly realized with TCP/IP architecture.

The main difference of the system from classical announcement systems is that it works without using a central amplifier. In this way, features such as the desired function and sound level for each position can be determined at any time.

Although the system can optionally work with conventional analog audio power amplifiers, it is recommended for use with digital IP speaker systems.

The system also prvides video broadcast tasks.

The system is available in various versions and offers a range of standart and optional features that meet the requirements of a Navy General address and Alarm System for each type of ship.